EXPRESS YOUR NAILS Hello! :) I like to do my nails for fun so why not share my hobby with everyone else. I have a youtube channel by the user name, hellopurple12.
Please check it out.

Cute Ladybug tutorial

Simple ladybug tutorial.

Pink flower nail design.

A simple pink flower design.


Simple and easy tutorial.

Want to learn to do this? Just watch my tutorial.

Easy Ombre Sky Nail Tutorial! 

A simple and easy application, step by step.

A fun and adorable zoo animals nail design :)

Nail tutorial's up for this design so please check it out guys :> For more nail tutorials, visit our youtube channel. Thanks! XOXO

Valentine’s Day Nail Design. (Nail Tutorial)

We know this is late already but you can still do this nail design just for fun any time of the year :) Tutorials are up already so if you want to check it out, just visit our youtube channel. Thanks guys! XOXO

This tutorial is based on the Chinese New Year holiday. Hope you guys enjoy! There will be more to come. Please check out our youtube channel! (: 

HI ♥

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Oh! Before I forget, we have a Chinese New Year nail tutorial coming up. So if you guys want to check it out you know where to drop by :) If not, here. Haha!

To request for a tutorial and lots more nail art visit us at our tumblr page and youtube channel :>

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